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William E. Kraus, MD




  • Durham, NC  27701


Bill Kraus is a physician scientist and integrative physiologist; he has spent his scientific and clinical career devoted to the study and implementation of physical activity and exercise for health and its curative potential. He is the Richard and Pat Johnson Distinguished University Professor of Cardiovascular Genomics in the Division of Cardiology and Molecular Physiology Institute in the School of Medicine at Duke University. He trained in molecular biology andanimal models of exercise during his post-doctoral years. His current research interests include: the use of exercise to improve cardiometabolic risk; the role of skeletal muscle adaptations in mediating that risk; the study of how we can use an understanding of gene-environment interactions to personalize preventive measures in cardiovascular medicine; and the role of cellular autophagy and circadian biology in maintaining good cardiometabolic health.  In 1996, he received his first interventional human study to study dose- response relations of exercise and cardiovascular risk (STRRIDE). He was subsequently funded for three large NIH-funded exercise training studies that have contributed substantially to our understanding of the effects of different intensities, amounts and modes of exercise on cardiometabolic health; these studies have resulted in close to 50 publications from these three studies alone.  His center is one of six adult centers for the Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (PAGAC). He has also studied the effects of exercise training in improving clinical outcomes for individuals with heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, metabolic syndrome and prediabetes in another 100 publications.  Dr. Kraus' clinical focusis cardiovascular prevention with a focus on lifestyle modification, cardiac rehabilitation and sports cardiology.  He has been the Medical Director of Duke Cardiac Rehabilitation since 1994 and served as the Director of Duke's Center forLiving, an outpatient lifestyle prevention center.  He currently runs a cardiovascular prevention clinic focusing on combining lifestyle and medical interventions to address issues associated with cardiometabolic risk; a sports cardiology clinic focusing on mature athletes; and a lifestyle program for retiring and transitioning competitive athletes.

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